The Personal Totem Pole©:
Unleash the Power of Your Spirit Guides

You have within vast resources of wisdom, strength and love that come straight from your True Nature. Whether you think of it as spirit, or soul or Authentic Self, your Inner Wisdom longs to support and guide you. All you need to do is ask.

Gifts of Inner Wisdom

When you connect with our Inner Wisdom, you discover:

  • Fresh perspective – opportunities and possibilities open up, empowering you to deal effectively with even the most challenging situations
  • Unsuspected strengths to accomplish what you could not do before
  • The blessing of unconditional love and acceptance to transform your relationships with yourself and others
  • The joy of knowing that, as part of the great Oneness, you are never alone
  • Confidence that blossoms as you discover that the strength, wisdom and support you need can be found within

You can learn to dependably communicate with your Inner Wisdom

Through a form of interactive guided imagery, The Personal Totem Pole© creates a rich, powerful and direct relationship with your Inner Wisdom.

Your Inner Wisdom communicates vibrantly through your Spirit Guides.  By calling forth and interacting with your Guides, you develop a rich relationship with your own True Nature and easily receive the gifts it offers.

The Personal Totem Pole©  

How It Works  

In a state of deep relaxation, you invite an image to emerge from each of the seven Chakras in turn.  These images become your Guides.

These Guides often take the form of Animals.  Animals so precisely express the infinite qualities available to us – a Bear suggests power, a Dolphin joy and playfulness, an Eagle the ability to soar and view life below from a vast perspective.

As you interact with each of your Chakra Guides, you discover:

  • Strengths you didn’t know you have
  • Guidance to resolve the problems in your life
  • Wisdom to help you better handle the challenges you face
  • The blessing of unconditional love and acceptance
  • Support that lets us know you are never alone

Here’s the problem

When you look for guidance outside yourself – from the media, the internet or ‘experts’ – you can waste precious time and energy. Much of the advice you find out there is contradictory, or may not be right for you. You end up feeling frustrated and discouraged when you try implementing suggestions that just don’t fit.

Here’s the great news! 

Your True Nature holds within your own personal truth.  When you turn to your Inner Wisdom for guidance, you always find exactly what you need.

  • You reclaim your authority and your authenticity.
  • You benefit from unsuspected wisdom and power to find your own answers for the challenges you face.
  • You develop the self-esteem and confidence that comes from knowing that the answers you seek can be found within
  • You free yourself to create your experience through the choices you make – choices informed by your authentic Self.

When you take action based on the wisdom and guidance you receive,
you step into your rightful role 
as the conscious creator of your own experience.


“I excel at my job in sales, but I don’t love it. If fact, I don’t even like it. Since I can remember, I’ve always dreamed of being a writer, but I lacked the courage to pursue that dream – until I discovered the power of my Spirit Guides by working with Qatana.

Connecting with my Personal Totem Pole© gave me the belief in myself that empowered me to apply to – and get accepted by – a top notch writing program at a nearby university. I was so proud and excited when, out of over five hundred applicants, I was one of only thirty people accepted into the program!

My excellent performance in the program has built my confidence. Now, the three hours I devote to my writing every day gives me joy – and the certainty that I will soon be able to leave my job and support myself with my writing.

I am much happier at work, knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In the past I could have been overwhelmed with so many things to do, but I remain calm by focusing on one thing at a time. I’m actually more effective and efficient than I’ve been at any time in my life.

Thank you, Qatana. I have never been so enthusiastic. Discovering my Personal Totem Pole© has empowered me to go for my dream and that has transformed my life.” 


“When Qatana first suggested the Personal Totem Pole©, I will admit to a bit of skepticism. Fortunately, however, my confidence in her expertise, based on months of more “traditional” counseling, overcame my initial concerns.

Through Qatana’s guidance with my Spirit Guides, I have come to terms with my childhood and improved my rather challenging relationship with my mother. My creativity has blossomed as I have come to a better appreciation of its importance in my life. I have learned to understand and accept my own emotions and to express them more appropriately.

Qatana has provided a safe environment and expert encouragement to lead me to immediate insights as well as helping me recognize resources I can rely upon in the future.”


“After 16 years as a successful massage therapist, I was eager to explore my earlier interest in art, but I was so paralyzed by indecision that every day passed without an attempt to get out there and paint.

I felt a great sense of exhilaration and promise after my first session with the Personal Totem Pole©. The initial results were gratifying, and provided relief from the indecision. I was able to ‘get traction’ immediately, and continued to work with more ease.

My life has been hugely impacted by my ongoing work with my Spirit Guides. I have built an inner reservoir of skills and behavior to support me in my creative process. I have developed strategies for solving resistance and blocks that I may encounter on the way. I have more compassion toward myself and others as a result of this work, and remain convinced that the skills I learned will be utilized to go further with my art.

As a result of my sessions with Qatana I have been able to approach a gallery and have been invited to sell my work there. I have received several offers to buy my work! I made contacts in the art marketing community and found like-minded individuals whose aspirations are parallel with mine. I entered several juried shows, and exhibited at a local community art center.

I can now advise others that the Personal Totem Pole Process© is an important tool to build self-confidence, endurance, commitment and strength.” 


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