Two Special Opportunities to

Meet Your Chakra Guides!

In Baton Rouge, LA

with Qatana Samanen, Ph.D.

We all have waiting within us all of the wisdom and strength,
the support and guidance we need. 

We just need to ask.

When you interact with the Spirit Guides from your Chakras, you develop a rich relationship with your Inner Wisdom. Discover the gifts that are waiting for you:

  • Fresh perspective, opening up new possibilities and empowering you to deal effectively with the challenges you face
  • Unsuspected strengths to accomplish what you could not do before
  • Unconditional love and acceptance from within that can transform your relationships with yourself and others
  • The joy of knowing you are not alone
  • Confidence that blossoms as you learn that the strength, wisdom and support you need can be found within

Meet Your Chakra Guide

Friday, May 8th– 6:30 to 9:30 PM

In this introductory evening workshop, you will journey within to meet a Guide from one of your seven Chakras.  As you interact with your Chakra Guide, you enter into a rich relationship with your Inner Wisdom. You discover what you need to know to help you create the life you want.

Suggested Donation: $25


This Workshop is limited to 12 participants so



Your Personal Totem Pole©

Saturday, May 9th – 9:30 to 5                                         

In this day long workshop you will meet with all seven of your Chakra Guides, discovering the strengths each offers and receiving the unique gifts of Inner Wisdom that each brings to you.  

Once you have met all of your Guides, they come together in Council to address any concerns or conflicts among them, creating the balance and harmony that helps you to enjoy greater wholeness and well-being and act more effectively in the world.

Your Investment: 

(A $28 deposit to hold your place +$60 paid on the day of the workshop)

This Workshop is limited to 12 participants so


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Sitting in the Circle and openly sharing and just being present and totally authentic and resonating with other people in this way, I feel like this is a way of traveling to a place that human beings have shared throughout the history of humanity – until recently.


The Guides I encountered told me “Pay attention to us more often and just know that we are here”. 

What I took away is that I can go to this place where I can ask questions and get answers. I don’t have to always be getting it from a book or through a coach or through something external. 


Workshop Participant


The workshops take place at

7336 Highland Rd., Baton Rouge, LA  70808

Both workshops are limited to 12 participants so


Reserve Your Place Now!

For more information – Contact Qatana:   or  610-935-9335

Throughout the 30 years I have been using imagery work, I have remained in awe of the power, precision, beauty and effectiveness of the Chakra Guides in helping people transform their lives for the better.  A deeply spiritual path, imagery has been my own path of learning, healing and growth.  I look forward to helping you discover the gifts of Inner wisdom that await you!

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