Now You Know…

You’ve met your Chakra Guide and connected with your True Nature.  You’ve experienced the beauty and power of your own inner knowing and received gifts of Inner Wisdom.  You’ve learned that you are not alone. 

What Comes Next?

You’ve met one of your seven Chakra Guides.  Six more await you. 

Each of the seven chakras represents a different facet of your Self, so each of your Chakra Guides brings a unique message and perspective.  Each offers you its own special strengths and insights.

Discover Your Own Personal Totem Pole©

When you meet with all of your seven Chakra Guides, you benefit from the learning, healing and growth that each Guide brings.  As your own Personal Totem Pole© emerges, you find:

  • Fresh perspective, opening up new possibilities and empowering you to deal effectively with the challenges you face
  • Unsuspected strengths to accomplish what you could not do before
  • Unconditional love and acceptance from within that can transform your relationships with yourself and others
  • The joy of knowing you are not alone
  • Confidence that blossoms as you learn that the strength, wisdom and support you need can be found within

Once you have met with all seven Chakra Guides, they come together in Council.  In the Council, your Guides address any concerns or conflicts among them, creating the balance and harmony that helps you act more effectively in the world.  You enjoy greater wholeness and well-being.

The Personal Totem Pole© work you have led me through during both our private sessions and within the workshop Circle has opened up a whole new avenue for me to reach my inner Self.
It has been so great to find that inner place where I can draw from my own wisdom and not only know it’s there but not be afraid to follow it and let it guide me through my everyday journeys. 

Somehow I don’t feel as alone as I once did.  I have my Self to be with and listen to…and I am an incredible source of wisdom when open to hearing it.  

I have been so blessed and enriched with all that you have taught and shared with me.  Thank you for all you have given me Qatana.  I am so much stronger, healthier and happier because of all you have opened up for me.


Through Qatana’s guidance with my Chakra Guides, I have come to terms with my childhood and improved my rather challenging relationship with my mother.
My creativity has blossomed as I have come to better appreciate its importance in my life.  I have learned to understand and accept my own emotions and to express them more appropriately.
Qatana has provided a safe environment and expert encouragement to lead me to immediate insights as well as helping me recognize resources I can rely upon in the future.


For a limited time only, I am offering you –  as a member of the Soulful Life Sanctuary, Authentic Connecting or Soul Speak –  two opportunities to discover your own Personal Totem Pole© and the riches it brings:

The Personal Totem Pole© Individual Packages

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The Personal Totem Pole© TeleWorkshop Package

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Which path of discovery will you follow?