You’ve met one of your Chakra Guides…

Now meet the rest!

The Personal Totem Pole© TeleWorkshop Package

When you choose the Personal Totem Pole© TeleWorkshop Package, you enjoy the benefits of working together with a group of like-minded seekers of wisdom. You encounter the wisdom, beauty and power of your Chakra Guides while you

  • Enjoy the connection that develops among members as you openly share what holds heart and meaning.
  • Give and receive caring and support with others in the Circle
  • Benefit from the wisdom that comes through the work of others.

Connecting with others in an authentic and meaningful way nurtures and sustains us, yet our modern life offers few opportunities for such heart centered connection.

The Personal Totem Pole© TeleWorkshop creates this soul level connection with others, while giving you the opportunity to discover the brilliance of your True Nature.

The Personal Totem Pole© TeleWorkshop
takes place over the phone!

What could be more convenient than enjoying the benefits of a Personal Totem Pole© TeleWorkshop in the comfort of your home?

To be honest with you, I was skeptical.

Could the magic energy of connection that emerges in workshop settings be created over the phone?  Could people experience deep and meaningful journeys within a brief time frame? Could closeness develop among members when they’ve never met in person?

I began guiding TeleWorkshops over a year and a half ago to find the answers to these questions.

Here is the great news:  the answer is yes, yes and YES!!!

I have been so deeply moved and gratified by the richness of the journeys and the depth of sharing and caring that has developed among TeleWorkshop participants over time.

“I’m able to connect with people on a deeper level even on the phone like this and talk about meaningful things and have a meaningful experience.
I’m struck by how much intimacy can come from just hearing the voices, just listening. It feels like an adventure to experience each other and myself through the voice.
I’m struck with how seldom it happens in life that we get to sit and really connect on a deep level with other people. I’m struck with how hungry I am for that and how much energy it gives me.”


What to Expect in a Personal Totem Pole© TeleWorkshop

Opening Ritual

Every TeleWorkshop begins with a brief ceremony to create sacred space.

Share What Holds Heart and Meaning for You

The Talking Staff ritual that follows gives you ample opportunity for openhearted sharing. Focusing on the issues that bring you to the workshop creates community and builds the container in which the work can deepen.


In each of the six sessions, you will journey to meet another one of your Chakra Guides and discover the unique wisdom and strength that it brings you.

Sharing Your Journey

Once the journey segment of the workshop is complete, you share your journey in the Circle.  This retelling enhances your experience:

  • As you tell your journey, you come to more fully appreciate its beauty and the value of the gifts it offers
  • Others may point out significant aspects of the journey that you overlooked.
  • The wisdom and insight that come through each person’s sharing benefit everyone in the Circle.

If the work of any participant feels incomplete, I provide individual guidance to reach resolution. The other members of the Circle serve as loving witness, their caring support creating a container in which the work can deepen.

Closing Sharing and Ritual

The TeleWorkshop concludes with a brief sharing followed by a ceremony of gratitude and appreciation to close the sacred space.

Sitting in the Circle and openly sharing and just being present and totally authentic and resonating with other people in this way, I feel like this is a way of traveling to a place that human beings have shared throughout the history of humanity – until recently.
The Guides I encountered told me “Pay attention to us more often and just know that we are here”. What I took away is that I can go to this place where I can ask questions and get answers. I don’t have to always be getting it from a book or through a coach or through something external.


Teleworkshop Participant


“I was really struggling with a difficult business relationship and uncertain how to proceed. Through Qatana’s artful guidance in the TeleWorkshop, I was able to gain extremely valuable insight and clarity concerning my issues and the right action to take.
My process through the Wisdom of the Circle led to healing and peace for me in the relationship. I’m always amazed at how loving and reassuring Inner Wisdom guidance is for me.
Thank you, Qatana, for providing a safe place to do such healing work.”

Joan Stewart, MSW

The Personal Totem Pole© TeleWorkshop Package

– a $476 value – includes

Six 60 Minute TeleWorkshop Sessions

You meet with one of your Chakra Guides in each of these sessions.

All TeleWorkshop sessions take place over the phone
in the comfort and convenience of your home.

** Special Bonus **

One 90 Minute TeleWorkshop Session
for a Council of the Chakra Guides

Once you’ve met with all seven Chakra Guides, they come together in Council.

In the Council, your Guides connect, drawing on each of their unique strengths to support one another. If there is imbalance in the circle, or conflict among any of the Guides, they work together to resolve these problems.

As your Guides come into harmony, you feel more whole and integrated and enjoy better balance in your life.

Total value = $476

Your investment:  $376

you save $100–over 20% off the regular cost!!! 

You have two ways to pay: 

Single payment of $376 


Two payments of $197


Personal Totem Pole© TeleWorkshops are limited to a
maximum of 4 participants 
to insure ample time and
personal attention for everyone.

The Personal Totem Pole© TeleWorkshop will take place on
Tuesdays at 8 PM Eastern (7 Central, 6 Mountain, 5 Pacific)


Interested in the Personal Totem Pole© TeleWorkshop, but can’t make this day or time?  Contact me at 610-935-9335 or and we’ll explore the possibilities.

My Personal Guarantee

SCP_Qatana_077-headshot-WEBIf by the end of our first session you feel that the Personal Totem Pole© Individual Package is not for you, just let me know and I will refund your money back from my own pocket.009_48

You have my word on it!



I look forward to ‘seeing’ you in the TeleWorkshop!


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