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Seldom in our modern life do we find the opportunity to connect with others on an authentic and deeply meaningful level. Yet, we long for heart centered connection that nurtures and sustains us.

The Inner Wisdom Circle creates this soul level connection with others, while giving you the opportunity to discover the brilliance of your own Divine Nature.

When you participate in The Inner Wisdom Circle you

  • Discover the beauty and power of your own Inner Wisdom
  • Connect with other likeminded seekers of wisdom
  • Benefit from the wisdom that comes through the work of others


Content“I just love when the reminder email arrives, announcing that the next Inner Wisdom Circle will be happening in a few days’ time. I look forward to uniting again with those who were once strangers on the other end of the phone whom I now consider intimates of my soul. I am eager to connect with Qatana, whose wise guidance helps us explore the symbolic territory of our lives as we move from sharing to Journey to sharing again.

The knowledge attained during the journey always provides a vivid ‘soul snapshot’ and reminder of how best to proceed in our external lives. A practiced Shaman, among her many other attainments, Qatana is able to hold a safe, sacred, and transformational space for us to explore, bond, and integrate our new awareness at the deepest level.”

-Linda Lyng


What is the Inner Wisdom Circle?


The Inner Wisdom Circle is a workshop that takes place over the phone in the comfort of your home – a TeleWorkshop.  The Inner Wisdom Circle empowers you to dependably connect with your own Inner Wisdom so you can:

  • Find divine guidance to deal effectively with the challenges in your life
  • Draw on unsuspected strengths to accomplish what you could not do before                                                                       
  • Transform your relationships with yourself and with others through the blessing of unconditional love and acceptance – the essence of the Divine within
  • Expand your confidence as you discover that you hold within all the strength, wisdom and support you need
  • Know the joy that comes from knowing that you’re never alone


“I was really struggling with a difficult business relationship and uncertain how to proceed.  Through Qatana’s artful guidance in the Inner Wisdom Circle, I was able to gain extremely valuable insight and clarity concerning my issues and the right action to take.  My process through the Wisdom of the Circle led to healing and peace for me in the relationship.  I’m always amazed at how loving and reassuring Inner Wisdom guidance is for me. Thank you, Qatana, for providing a safe place and a consistent space to do such healing work.”

-Joan Stewart, MSW


“I came to the call overwhelmed by too much to do.  The wisdom I received showed me how to transition between tasks in my life more consciously and deliberately, as if I were turning the page of a book, instead of trying to do quantum leaps from one thing to another. The impact and rightness of this advice has stayed with me and changed how I move through my very busy days.”

-Trebbe Johnson 
Author and Founder of Radical Joy for Hard Times


dolp“For over a month now, I’ve been going almost every day to the pool in our condo complex to exercise – and to play.  It feels great – and my body is definitely in much better shape! 

I know this is the direct result of the wonderful experience I had, swimming with my Dolphin in imagery in the Inner Wisdom Circle several weeks ago.  Dolphin showed me how important and satisfying it is for me to spend time in the water.

Everything I receive through my imagery is valuable and helpful.  Often it impacts my life in positive ways.  I am so grateful for the Inner Wisdom Circle and for the many gifts it gives me.”


Telecommunication creates the incredible opportunity for people in different parts of the country – indeed the world – to join together in a Circle, share what has heart and meaning and journey within to discover the gifts of Inner Wisdom that await them.


“I feel moved and get something out of every single person’s sharing.  It’s wonderful that you can use modern technology to bring people together in a way they have gotten together for thousands of years to talk about the things that really matter. “

~Doris Gallen



“I’m able to connect with people on a deeper level even on the phone like this and talk about meaningful things and have a meaningful experience.

I’m struck by how much intimacy can come from just hearing the voices, just listening. It feels like an adventure to experience each other and myself through the voice.

I’m struck with how seldom it happens in life that we get to sit and really connect on a deep level with other people. I’m struck with how hungry I am for that and how much energy it gives me.”

Teleworkshop Participant


A TeleWorkshop is NOT a Teleseminar

  • Teleseminars and webinars are all about some expert providing you with information that may or may not be what you need.

Don’t get me wrong. There is plenty of valuable information out there. The problem comes when the expert information doesn’t really fit for you.

When you try implementing suggestions that are wrong for you, you waste precious time and energy and may end up feeling frustrated and discouraged.

We are all blessed with natural Inner Wisdom.  The Inner Wisdom Circle allows you to tap into that sacred place within you. Guidance that comes from within is always perfect for you at this moment in your life.  What a wonder when you find that you have with whatever you need to grow and move forward in your life!


“My Divine Nature told me “Pay attention to me more often and just know that I am here”.  What I took away is that I can go to a place within, where I can ask questions and get answers.  I don’t have to always be getting it from a book or through a coach or through something external.  There are answers, if I can just sit still and get to that presence again.  I’m so grateful for how The Inner Wisdom Circle creates the structure that enables me to do just that on a regular basis.”



  • Most teleseminars and webinars are lectures.

In teleseminars, information flows from the presenter to the participants.  Connection among participants is minimal. 

The Inner Wisdom Circle gives you the opportunity to share what holds heart and meaning with other likeminded seekers of wisdom. Rarely in our modern life do we have the opportunity to communicate so authentically! 

When you share openly and receive the sharing of others, you discover how alike we all are in our hopes, dreams and fears.  What a relief to know that you are not alone, that you can support and be supported by others in the Circle!

In the Circle, you benefit not only from your own Inner Wisdom, but from the insights and truths that come through others.  Wisdom is meant to be shared.  As you share the Gifts of Inner Wisdom you receive, others in the circle benefit.  The wisdom that comes through others benefits you.  


“I find that sharing of my stories and the sharing of the other stories in our circle strengthens and enhances my openness and trust of my own inner wisdom and also allows me to draw from others’ wisdom.  I learn that everyone has this wisdom and how rich and special the sharing of the wisdom can be.”


The Inner Wisdom Circle Meets Twice Monthly 

The First and Third Tuesday of the Month

8 PM Eastern

(7 PM Central, 6 PM Mountain, 5 PM Pacific)


Your investment:  $97 per month

Your first month is free!

Join for FREE for the first thirty days. Attend the first two calls. Get a feel for how the program works and can serve you.  If you decide not to continue, simply cancel within your 30 day trial period and you won’t be billed. When you choose to stay with the Inner Wisdom Circle, you’ll automatically be charged $97 per month.  You can cancel your membership at any time. 

To insure that everyone enjoys ample time for sharing,
The Inner Wisdom Circle will be limited to 6 participants!


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How the Inner Wisdom Circle Works



You come to the call with an issue or challenge you are facing in your life. You also bring your intention. What insight or guidance are you seeking? What is the transformation you need – in your work, in your relationships, in your life?

If you have no issue at the moment, bring your curiosity.  Divine Nature can provide you with unexpected insight when you approach it open to any possibility.


After a brief ritual to create sacred space, you share what’s happening for you and respond to the sharing of others.  This openhearted sharing creates community and builds the container in which everyone’s work can deepen.


This is the heart of the Inner Wisdom Circle, as I guide you to journey to that place deep within where you connect with your Divine Nature and discover the wisdom and strengths that are waiting for you.

Sharing Your Journey

Once the journey segment of the workshop is complete, you share your journey in the circle.  This retelling enhances your experience:

  • Sharing the gifts you have received clarifies your insights and helps you more fully appreciate their value 
  • Others may point out aspects you have overlooked
  • You learn from the sharing of others as others benefit from the wisdom that comes through you  

If you have any questions or concerns, I provide individual guidance to help you achieve greater understanding and resolution. When appropriate, we identify action steps you can take to transform your life for the better.

Closing Ritual

The TeleWorkshop concludes with a brief ceremony of gratitude and appreciation to close the sacred space.

Joyful PersonThe time shared within our circle is so special and so very calming for me.  I have been able to draw on this calm in moments when things start spiraling too fast…whether it’s by remembering something my guides told me to do, or remembering what someone shared of their inner wisdom. 

Even just closing my eyes and imaging myself back in the circle brings me to a place of calm and allows me to breathe and take only a second sometimes, before getting back to the moment that I am facing.  It’s amazing how powerful this is and how good I feel when I choose this path.



Sitting in the circle and openly sharing and just being present and totally authentic and resonating with other people in this way, I feel like this is a way of traveling to a place that human beings have shared throughout the history of humanity – until recently.

What I took away is that I can go to this place where I can ask questions and get answers. I don’t have to always be getting it from a book or through a coach or through something external. 


The Inner Wisdom Circle will be limited to 6 participants! 
If you feel drawn to join the Circle, I encourage you to


Join Now! 


Your investment:  $97 per month

Your first month is free!

Join for FREE for the first thirty days. Attend the first two calls. Get a feel for how the program works and can serve you.  If you decide not to continue, simply cancel within your 30 day trial period and you won’t be billed.

When you choose to stay with the Inner Wisdom Circle, you’ll automatically be charged $97 per month.  You can cancel your membership at any time.

I look forward to working with you in The Inner Wisdom Circle