chakra-lotusNow You Know…

You know the beauty and power of your Chakra Guides and the magic that happens when you meet with them!

What Comes Next?

You’ve met one of your Chakra Guides.  Six more are waiting to share their wisdom, their love, and their support with you!  Each of your Guides brings a unique message and perspective.  Each offers you its own special strengths and insights.

Who knows what gifts of Inner Wisdom you’ll discover!?!

When you meet with each of your Chakra Guides, you benefit from the unique gifts of Inner Wisdom that it brings:

  • Fresh perspective so you can deal more effectively with the challenges you face
  • Unsuspected strengths to accomplish what you could not do before
  • Unconditional love and acceptance that can transform your relationships with yourself and others
  • The joy of experiencing that you are not alone
  • Confidence that blossoms as you learn that the strength, wisdom and support you need can be found within

I loved working with you.
You are one of a group that is very special to me – my Early Adaptors. You listened to your Inner Wisdom when it whispered to you, “That Meet Your Chakra Guide stuff looks pretty interesting…” You went for it. You did magnificent work!
I want you to get more at a price you can afford.
So, for a limited time only, I am offering you two
very special opportunities:

The Maximum Flexibility Offer

Schedule additional 60 minute sessions to meet your remaining Chakra Guides any time you want. You are also eligible for an extra Council of the Guides session at this very special price. 

You pay as you go.

Only $47 per session

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The I Want It All Package

Set up monthly 60 minute sessions to meet your remaining six Chakra Guides. You are also eligible for an extra Council of the Guides session at this very special price.  

Only $222 for the package ($37 per session)

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Which special offer will you choose? 

I can’t wait to dive in with you and discover more of the splendid Gifts of Inner Wisdom that are waiting for you!!!  But act now.  This offer will not last forever!!

Deep bow to you!

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